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So I decided to mix two acoustic versions of Ed singing Give Me Love and the live version Demi performed at the iHeart Radio Live. At some points they don’t sing together because either one of them goes too fast or too slow but I tried to match them. I tried my best (and this is the first time I actually do this so bare with me).

Please give me credit since I did work hard on this!!!

Wanna watch the originals?

Demi Lovato - Give Me Love live at iHeart Radio Live

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love live session for In:Demand

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love live in the Live Room

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Demi Lovato - Give Me Love (iHeartRadio Live)

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Perhaps a little good news around here will be contagious

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You still don’t realize what you had. You never did. You got everything I ever wanted and you didn’t even deserve it! But I’m gonna take it all from you!

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make me choose, rumplestiltskinbelle asked: belle or rumplestiltskin?

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Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger Collection by Carter Smith (x)

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